Organic Tricolor Quinoa with Zander

A yogi who's acted with Johnny Depp & lived in India 'cause why not

The Menu

Organic Tricolor Quinoa
Kale with corn, onion, mushrooms, and cherry tomatoes
Mozzarella with Tomato and Basil
Watermelon Shakes

Name: Zander Gladish

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Current Location: Manhattan, NY

Day Job: Nutritionist, Holistic Health Counselor and Yoga Instructor

Daily Uniform: Jeans and a t-shirt

In the kitchen, I swear by: A good blender

The taste I couldn’t live without: Avocado

Top 3 yoga poses: Shavasana, Headstand, and half-pigeon

Hidden talents? I got the moves like Jagger

Most incredible dinner out: Traditional family-style Italian meal with friends while studying in Florence, Italy at Acqua al 2 (lots of Montepulciano vino).

Favorite travel destination: The Himalayas in India

If I could cook for anyone… I’d make breakfast burritos with green shakes for family and close friends.

Yoga has taught me: How to slow down and connect with myself on a deep level.

I have a few: Books I’ve been meaning to read

People would be surprised to know: I’ve acted with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell

Top 5 Meals

1. Late summer dinner of grilled local salmon, sweet corn, penne with cherry tomatoes, and fresh greens straight from the garden; at my parents’ house in Marin County

2. Wet Chicken Burrito at La Taqueria on Mission Street in San Francisco (I love my Northern California-style Mexican food).

3. Indian food at Junoon in New York City

4. Crab Dinner at Aliotos Restaurant in San Francisco

5. Traditional Turkish meal of Grilled Lamb and Stuffed Pepper with Eggplant at Sunset Grill and Bar in Istanbul, Turkey

Photography by Lianna Tarantin