Marawa the Amazing Bakes an Amazing Holiday Scone Cake

The world conquering hoola hoop master jumps out of her Lycra & into the kitchen

We’re not too old to remember gym class and to remember how much it sucked. The deflated balls, the pancake-flat gym mats, and our lack of hand-eye coordination guaranteed an all-round sucky hour (sorry Coach Stevens, we know you tried). We can solemnly say that if Marawa the Amazing was standing in front of our class with an armful of hoops, we may just be world-famous gymnasts today. Her smile is the stuff dreams are made of and so are the heels she performs in. She’s a hula-hooper by trade, with her own line of hoops, and guess what, she can bake a mean festive fruit scone cake too! We hang out with M at her London apartment below!

Hometown: Melbourne

Currently living: London

Name three things you’re currently obsessed with: Cashmere over-the-knee socks, Tom Kha soup, and hot water bottles—it’s that time of year.

First celebrity crush: Ad-Rock from the Beastie Boys

When did you first pick up a hoop?
In rhythmic gymnastics as a teenager. But circus-style, when I was 20! I studied at the National Institute of Circus Arts—in Melbourne—after doing a tour of circus schools in China, things felt really exciting and inspiring. I had no idea where a Bachelor of Circus Arts would land me.

Finest hooping memory to date?
There are so many crazy ones. Hooping in the rain at a castle in Cannes this year was weird, or a private dinner for the king and queen of Sweden, or at St. James’ Palace in London, under a chandelier that I was sure I would smash.

Preferred hoop outfit:
Edgeley pants and crop top is perfect. Heels for a show and sneakers for training!

Top 3 songs to hoop to:
– Anything by Shaggy
– “Head Bad” by Skinny Fabulous
– “Can’t Wait” by Lil Rick

In the kitchen, I swear by: Good olive oil, basil, and rock salt

Taste you can’t live without: Dill and burnt aubergine, but not at the same time!

Five fave restaurants in Melbourne and London right now:
1. Yauatcha, London
2. Pelligrini’s, Melbourne
3. Koya, London
4. Fato Manno, Melbourne
5. Yum buns, London

Describe your dream dinner party:
We’d eat Ethiopian, I think its a nice meal for a dinner party as there are lots of different types of veggie curries and sauces. Eating injera with your hands, with good friends sounds perfect to me! I would invite my mom (she’s in Australia so we don’t see each other much), Alice, Biftu, Naomi, Paulie, Serge, Meriem, Joduck, Amber, Kevin… can they all come? That would be the best!

Favorite Christmas song:
How Can Santa Come to Puerto Rico” by Steve Allen is getting a lot of play this week and I really love “Donde Esta Santa Claus?” GENIUS!

Do you and your family have any weird family traditions?
We tend to give each other really ridiculous things. I keep a pile of weird super un useful things that I give to my oldest brother—all beautifully wrapped. We usually go skating along the beach in St Kilda on Christmas day, but last year it was way too windy!

Best Christmas gift you received as a kid?
An Olympic size, in-ground trampoline, split between my 2 brothers, sister, and me. We dug half the whole ourselves!

Three items on your wish list this year?
– Charlotte Olympia heels, always
– A garlic press that actually works and pushes all the garlic through
– Hologram Skype (surely they will work that out next year?)

Favorite pop culture moment of 2013
PUSHA T’s album, finally!

Mixed Fruit Scone Cake

For the dough, I used a plain scone recipe
50g butter
1 cup of mixed fruit (can have peel and all sorts – whatever you like!)
2 table spoons raw sugar
Cinnamon powder (nutmeg too if you like)

1. Roll the scone mix out into a nice rectangle.
2. Spread the softened butter over the whole thing, then sprinkle the sugar and spices of your choice. Then the mixed fruit, spread evenly, over the entire rectangle.
3. Take a moment to admire your work: then gently start to roll the whole thing up into a long tube-kinda thing.
4. Cut inch thick slices the whole way along—grab your pre greased and flowered round tin.
5. Put all the little scrolls in like an edible jigsaw puzzle till the tin is full.
6. Brush a little milk over the top.
7. OVEN TIME ! For approx 20 minutes and watch for the top getting golden —not burned!
8. Take it out of the oven, cool, turn it out on a rack and then flip it back onto a plate for a very festive tea party center piece!
9. Serve with cold salted butter—yes!

Stay tuned for Marawa’s recipe for Hot Toddys!

Photography by Jo Duck.

Hey, link us to your favorite fruit cake recipe below, will you? We’re on the hunt! Pippa@sousstyle.com and gillian@sousstyle.com