April Bloomfield’s Lobster Roll

Chef shares her recipe for lobster rolls, secret market spot & more!

You may have to wait a hot second for a table at The John Dory Oyster Bar, but by the time you finish your meal of oysters, Maine sea urchin, escarole salad, and dungeness crab (did we mention we love food?), you’ll know it was worth the wait. If you ask us, and we’re gonna assume you just did, the best meal on the menu is the lobster roll, made by the one, the only, April Bloomfield (our tribute to her here).

Served on a delicious potato roll, the lobster is spiced with dill, celery seed mayo, and cayenne pepper. We called on New York illustrator Sophia Chang to recreate the dish and we are all about it, as well as Sophia—check her About Me page, she’s pretty special. So much talent in one place! We interview Chef Bloomfield below!

Chef! It’s an honor! So tell us, how would you describe the lobster roll’s flavor in three words? Creamy, tangy, succulent

Yum! What is the key ingredient of this dish?
Lobster, of course… but also, the celery seed mayo.

What cocktail would you pair with your dish?
The Gibraltar: Aperol, manzanilla sherry, cava, and orange peel

What is a secret food market in the city?
One place that everyone should go to just for the experience is across the river: Mitsuwa Marketplace, in Edgewater New Jersey. It’s like a little Japan.

Where is the best place to cure a hangover in the city?
Our sister restaurant, The Breslin Bar & Dining Roomright across the lobby of the Ace Hotel.

What vegetable and fruit are you most excited about using this spring and why?
Ramps, first and foremost. When they’re around, it means spring is here! Also, tri-star strawberries: small and sweet with a bit of tartness.

Lobster Roll by Chef April Bloomfield

3 ounces of sweet lobster meat (claws, knuckles and tail)
Celery, diced
Celery seed mayo
Dill, chopped
A splash of white wine vinegar
Cayenne pepper
Potato poll

1. Take 3 ounces of sweet lobster meat (claws, knuckles and tail) that has been slowly poached in lobster roe butter and combine it with diced celery and onions, celery seed mayo, chopped dill and a splash of white wine vinegar.
2. Once combined, place mixture in a toasted and buttered potato roll (baked by Orwasher’s Bakery).
3. Sprinkle some cayenne pepper for a little heat

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