Sex Before Breakfast with Jasmine Lobe

Actress, sex columnist, bonafide SS angel

Any woman who starts her day off with buttery home-baked bread, Laura Mercier products, and a little Zac Posen is perfect in our minds. So chic! So indulgent! (And here we were thinking our morning coffees from Balthazar made us fabulous). But what else would you expect from the gal behind the New York Observer’s sex column? Now, promise us you’ll come straight back to SS, but go check out, and subsequently bookmark, Jasmine Lobe’s column here. It’s seriously the best thing to read when you need that 3 p.m pick-me-up or sexy bedtime read! Oof! Go splash your face with cold water and catch Miss Lobe’s beautiful Wake Up Call below.

7.30 a.m. If I haven’t been writing into the wee hours of the night, I will wake up around this time.

7.32 a.m. The first thing I do is center myself. I like to put things in perspective and take a few minutes to breathe before beginning my day.

7.34 a.m. I’m usually very hungry when I wake up. At the moment I’m living with my parents. I moved from LA last fall and I didn’t want to jump into a crumby apartment. My dad makes wholewheat bread every week—it’s so delicious. I have a slice of this every morning with butter.

7.43 a.m. French press coffee time! I’m always in need of that extra jolt.

8.02 a.m. On mornings when I don’t have an early audition, I’ll head to Golden Bridge Yoga, where I practice Kundalini yoga.

9.17 a.m. Since my audition isn’t until later, I have some time to read and write. In the morning, I sort of enter this writing world where I free-write. Sometimes these ideas translate into something for a piece and sometimes I just keep them for myself.

10.21 a.m. Each morning, I take the time to read my e-mails, respond to some tweets, check my Instagram… my favorite handles are @harloweandsage and @theellenshow

10.46 a.m. Shower time! Gotta get ready for my auditions. My favorite products of the moment are anything Laura Mercier, Boscia BB cream, and NARS Orgasm.

11.08 a.m. Then I get dressed for my auditions. Each audition is different, but I am so fortunate to have such amazing designer friends that are able to dress me for any occasion. Zac Posen is one of my childhood friends and he really helps me out, as well as Jenny Chase and Kate Krone.

11.32 a.m. Off to my auditions for the day!

Photography by Lianna Tarantin

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