Gift the Gift You Want For Yourself

Admittedly, we selected the items for this list with ourselves in mind, and not your mom or awkward coworker, but we’re pretty sure you’ll find something in here for everyone. Let us know if we missed anything! pippa@sousstyle.com

  • Boob Pillow, $80

    These pillows are almost as soft and warm as the real thing

  • Cacti Coasters, $31

    Is it a cactus or a tower of coasters? It’s coasters and it will look awesome at the center of their talbe

  • Chrome Mechanical…, $52

    Know anyone who still uses pencils? Give them this chrome piece of perfection. Made in Japan, of course

  • Glove Coin Purse, $240

    Put your hands together for this hand coin purse

  • I’m Real…, $7.50

    Show up on your best friend’s door step with these (2 masks per pack) and a bottle of wine and they’ll love you endlessly

  • Line Table Lamp, $565

    It’s really expensive, but it’s real pretty

  • Milk Bar Life by…, $37

    All hail Tosi! A collection of our favorite chef’s favorite recipes!

  • New York Burger Map, $8

    New York may be “over” but the burger scene sure isn’t

  • Pin Trill Wink Pins, $18

    Now you can wink at cute people all the time

  • Rodin Lip Balm Ring, $15

    This is the type of small, easy gift you give someone but they’ll actually really LOVE this

  • Sage Bundle, $8

    New year, better vibes. Get your life, girl.

  • Square Wine Glass, $70

    From the design duo Scholten & Baijings. Because it’s time to stop shopping at IKEA for glassware

  • Tatine Scented…, $18

    We love all of these scents, you can’t go wrong so buy in bulk

  • The Carry On…, $24

    Elevate the every day. This one is for friends flying home for the holidays: the carry-on cocktail kit requires only one drink from the drinks cart and everything else is taken care of.

  • Truss Tote Bag, $180

    Handwoven in Oaxaca with proceeds supporting local communities. It actually is the gift that keeps giving