Scentual Seduction by 12.29 #vday

The 5 things you need to sexify you, your apartment &, most importantly, your love life

The way to your lover’s heart may be through their stomach (many sexy options here), but the art of seduction for many stems from scent. After all, we’re all just animals working off pheromones, the moon tides, and Susan Miller, aren’t we? But don’t run to the Testers section of Barneys just yet, we’ve recruited Samantha and Dawn of 12.29 to guide us through this year’s Valentine’s Day. And trust us, these girls know seduction. Whether it be for a runway show, a credit card giant, or a hotel lobby, Sam and Dawn seduce en masse with their multifarious scents. Needless to say, they and their trade are super interesting, but sit tight on that thought as we’ll be checking back in with them again soon. In the meantime, here’s how to smell sexy and seduce with the 12.29 girls, shot at the soon to be opened midtown restaurant, The Wayfarer.

Ladies! Let’s talk about sex and love. Please describe the scent of:

Dawn: The scent of seduction is deep and tender. It is rich and organic and ebbs and flows to create tension and addiction. It is entirely provocative and seemingly fleeting. The color of seduction is deep amber—mysterious and intoxicating.

Samantha: It’s fresh, like new rain. It is crisp like clean sheets. It is tender like young tuberose. It is addictive like chocolate. It is sweet like honey. And it is intimate like the nape of your lover’s neck. The color of love is white – bright and pure.

And most importantly, sex!
The scent of sex is intimate and raw. It is the most familiar odor yet also the most addictive. It is textural and enveloping. It is the scent of two separate human smells combined together in harmony. It is the smell of life. The color of sex is purple.

Does this scent change for men?
The scents of seduction, of love and of sex are not gender specific.

Do you think our nose knows we’re in love before our heart does?
Our nose and our emotions work together to create truth. Our nose can smell if we are a match with another genetically but it is only our heart that knows if we can love another. Together, the nose and the heart are the foundation for a great love affair.

Divine! Do you have any tips for finding your match, via scent?
Trust your nose first! It will always lead you in the right direction.

The nose knows! We’re here at The Wayfarer, which is lovely, and thanks to you gals, it smells lovely too! What are some other lovely smelling spots around the world?
The Ritz Paris, Sandy Lane Barbados, and 60 Thompson New York.

Five ways to seduce your lover, courtesy of 12.29, below…

Photography by Meghan McNeer

  • Chanel Sycamore, $160

    “Every woman should have her signature scent. She should spray it at the nape of her neck so that when her hair moves, the perfume is naturally diffused.” —12.29

  • 12.29 F.E.B.M Candle, $150

    “Every home should be scented, especially on Valentine’s Day. The Forget Everything But Me candle by 12.29 is mysterious, sexy and intoxicating—perfect for a night with you and your lover.”—12.29

  • Petit Bisous Boudoir…, $116

    “No woman feels sexier than when she is naked. However, before the reveal, lingerie is the best tease and presentation. You should always scent your lingerie with your perfume just in case you forget it at his.”—12.29

  • Smythson Love…, $15

    “Write your most intimate thoughts or sexy commands to your lover on note paper—any small piece of paper will do. Instead of signing your name, spray with a touch of your perfume. Leave little notes in their wallet, their briefcase, their pillow, and their iPad.” —12.29