Pippa’s Diary

Pippa’s Diary: Hot Mess Success

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GIRLS is back on TV but Hannah got nothing on me...

Pippa’s Diary: Home Is Where the Good Times Are

People! I'm on a mission to bring back the old pop-up cafe at home!

Pippa’s Diary: Sous Actually!

Take a peek at our gorgeous holiday brunch, oh and hello check out my Christmas tiara!  #thisgirlsgonecrafty

Pippa’s Diary: For the Guests’ Eyes Only

What are you bringing to the party? Take your pick from the #KISS Kitchen!

Pippa’s Diary: Keep It Simple, Sexy #KISS

Freaking out already about Thanksgiving? Take a deep breath & click through to read my simple, sexy survival tips

Pippa’s Diary: The Fix

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A cheeky, sexy older guy? Oh I like it, but this time I said, "NEXT!"