Mission Chinese, Lower East Side

Mission Chinese Food

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Restaurant Vibe: Love the banquets, love the lighting, the traditional menu books, the back wall installation, and what remains of the Twin Peaks themed bathroom. Do not bring your parents here unless they really want to turn up—it's loud as sin and a lot of fun provided you're with the right people and in the right mood. The food is still amazing and I hate to be that person, but I prefer the old spot. I will say the drinks are better here. I obviously have a lot of love, hence the rambling

Favorite item on the menu: Salt Cod Fried Rice chinese sausage, lettuce, egg and the Salt And Pepper Lamb Rib Tip with kefir creme fraiche, wild sumac, sweet pickles, hot bread

Ideal dinner mate: The homies

Insider tip-off: Definitely make a reservation, definitely get the Phil Collins

Rated by: Gillian

Occupation: Professional Glutton

Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Cuisine: Asian Fusion, Chinese

Last Visited: 12/01/15